The Rooftop at 4 Bells

I feel like I’m pretty late to the game on 4 Bells. I’ve seen people raving about the food, particularly the fried chicken, for months. Maybe I should have waited a year to do “4 BELLS REVISTED?” At any rate, I found myself there on a warm but pleasant Minneapolis evening and made a beeline… Continue reading The Rooftop at 4 Bells

Restaurant Week Postmortem

How was your MSP Restaurant Week everyone? Where did you go? What did you have?   I only made it to two places this time around. I started out the week at Citizen Supper Club in the Intercontinental (formerly Crowne Plaza) hotel. Citizen Supper Club offers updated takes on 60s style supper club fare and… Continue reading Restaurant Week Postmortem

Cafe Racer Kitchen

Last week I ate what felt like all of the arepas. I took my little brother to Hola Arepa while he was visiting, I met a coworker for lunch at Arepa Bite in Moundsview, and I capped off the week in my own backyard at Cafe Racer Kitchen. Cafe Racer Kitchen, the brick and mortar… Continue reading Cafe Racer Kitchen