Minnesota State Fair Part Two: Electric Boogaloo

If last Saturday was about old favorites, this Saturday was about new stuff. I kicked off the day with a Strawberry Donut Delight from The Strawberry Patch. This tastes exactly like you think it would. Macerated strawberries, a glazed doughnut, canned whip cream, another strawberry on top. If you like all of those things, this… Continue reading Minnesota State Fair Part Two: Electric Boogaloo

Cafe Racer Kitchen

Last week I ate what felt like all of the arepas. I took my little brother to Hola Arepa while he was visiting, I met a coworker for lunch at Arepa Bite in Moundsview, and I capped off the week in my own backyard at Cafe Racer Kitchen. Cafe Racer Kitchen, the brick and mortar… Continue reading Cafe Racer Kitchen