Chili Experiment #2: How Sweet Eats Game Day Beer Chili

I bookmarked this recipe months ago for Drew. It is full of things he loves, like Italian sausage and beer.
I didn’t take this picture either!!! It’s from How Sweet Eats. The chili pretty much looks like this, although I think mine was a brighter red. Please don’t sue me, I promise I’ll take my own pictures from now on.

Game Day Beer Chili from How Sweet Eats was kind of an ordeal to put together. I feel like chili is something most of us make on a weekend because of all the prep work that goes into it. Dicing a bunch of onions and peppers isn’t HARD exactly, but it is tedious and it can take quite a long time. Cut to me on a Monday night, cursing myself for not making my life easier.

What I liked about this chili:
1. The yield is INSANE. This fed Drew and I for a solid week. Definitely consider this chili if you are trying to feed a crowd.

2. The sheer quantity of stuff in this recipe means that it is naturally very thick. You could definitely stand a spoon up in this stuff.

3. Turns out I like kidney beans, who knew?

4. This chili is best on about day four. You can taste the individual flavors better and everything is better rounded.

What I didn’t like about this chili:
1. Not that great on day one. You couldn’t taste the Italian sausage and overall the chili seemed really mild. Drew liked it, though, because “it didn’t make me sweat after coming home from the gym.” To each their own, I guess.

2. Not really a stand out in any way. This is OK chili. It is, somehow, better without toppings, which bums me out because I love toppings.

3. I am really on the fence about maple syrup in my chili. Also kind of on the fence about bell peppers.

I think this chili would be pretty crowd-pleasing, and maybe if we were football get-together people it would see some regular rotation. Since we’re not, I’m not in any rush to make it again. I might mess with adding Italian sausage to chili in the future, though. I think it has potential, and maybe the answer is to use spicy instead of mild.


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