Chili Experiment #1: Iowa Girl Eats Chipotle Turkey Chili with Apples

I sort of can’t believe I spent that whole last entry waxing poetic about chili without talking about how I never ate it as a kid. It’s true. I am a (mostly) reformed picky eater. I didn’t like chili when I was young for texture reasons, mainly I  hated picking bean skins out of my teeth. I also spent a significant amount of time in my late teens and early twenties not eating beef. At all.

I still think ground beef is extremely overrated, but that is neither here nor there.

I first made this Chipotle Turkey Chili with Apples from Iowa Girl Eats near the end of my No Beef phase and had been dying to make it again since. I don’t want to make any huge claims about how it redefined how I thought about chili and/or life, but I do think that if it had been introduced to me when I was younger, I might have been a bit more open-minded about eating chili.

This photo is from the Iowa Girl Eats website. I definitely did not take it, but I can vouch for the chili looking like this.

Here are the things that I like about this chili:
1. It’s fast. It comes together in less than an hour and the yield is just enough for two adults plus maybe some leftovers. The first time I made it, I doubled it because we were having a party and it worked beautifully.

2. It’s turkey and not beef! It’s a little leaner and, in my opinion, a bit more flavorful.

3. Chipotle peppers in chili work great, why didn’t anyone tell me before?!

4. Past Anne likes that there are no beans and therefore no bean skins to pick out of your teeth.

5. The cinnamon adds a really nice dimension to the flavor.

Here are my criticisms:
1. Apples. I like them in the chili but am a little ambivalent about adding more on top. Plus, like, apples turn brown really fast and then you end up like me with a bunch of no good, unused, chopped, brown apples.

2. This chili is a bit on the thin side, and I prefer my chili thicker. It improves with the additional of cheese and other toppings, but it does overall lose some points.

Overall, this is a great weeknight chili, but not one I would turn to as my ~signature chili~. I do recommend it, though! If you do make it, I also recommend adding the slightly pinch of ground cinnamon at the end of cooking. I find the cinnamon stick doesn’t add quite enough cinnamon flavor for my tastes.


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