Domo Gastro

Domo Gastro is an Asian fusion spot in Northeast that is quiet and funky. On a Wednesday evening, there were a good handful of cheerful customers, but it wasn’t packed full like some up and coming spots seem to be. I was there to investigate two rumors: 1) that the wings were killer and 2) that the egg rolls were some of the best in town. Let’s get to it.


The crispy egg rolls consist of a pork/shrimp mixture, carrot, and cabbage deep fried to shatter-crisp in a wonton wrapper. These were good. The shrimp gave the flavor just the right amount of briny funk, in the best possible way. I feel inclined to mention that the seasoning on these is just right, for reasons that will become clear in a moment. I was inclined to dip them in the provided soy sauce mixture because I feel a certain way about condiments, but they didn’t necessarily need it. Overall, I would rank these very high amongst other egg rolls in the area, but it wouldn’t be truthful if I said I thought they were the very best. Nevertheless, I will be ordering these again.


“Those wings.” They look so good on paper. They look so good in front of you. They taste so good on the first bite. The texture is excellent, they are crunchy and crispy without feeling heavy. The herbs and whatever makes them “spicy” and “sweet” all work in harmony. Did I mention they are gluten free? I took my first bite and immediately said, “Oh yeah.”

Then I took my second and third bites and said, “Huh.” The chicken itself is very bland. Moist, sure, but essentially flavorless. Once you get past the window dressing, there is not much to write home about. It got me to thinking about how a person addresses flavor in a dish. What is actually important here? Is the flavor of the outside supposed to carry over to the inside? Was too much faith put into the seasoning power of the ingredients? I cannot say for sure. What I can tell you is that I would still order these again, and that my dining companion didn’t exactly agree with me and is already talking about ordering more for our next party.


We were still hungry, somehow, so we decided to split an entree. We waffled a lot between the Bang Bang Chicken Sandwich and a rice bowl. I am not entirely sure we made the right choice. I have the same issues with this chicken as I did with the wings. I really appreciate that they used thigh instead of breast (TEAM THIGH), but again the chicken seemed unseasoned. I also wanted more gochujang, but I always want more gochujang. There was not enough “bang” for me.

The good news is that you can upgrade your fries to kimchi fries. Do this. In fact, just go and eat kimchi. Other food optional. Or, better yet, order whatever you want and bring your salt shaker.

I feel like Domo Gastro presents high impact food, good window dressing food. It is enough to keep me coming back for now, or at least ordering online. They deliver for free in Northeast (or for $2 if, like me, you live closer to downtown). I am curious enough to want to go back and try their other offerings, like their ramen and their rice bowls. I am also available to help you eat the egg rolls during happy hour, dear reader. Just say the word.


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