Restaurant Week Postmortem

How was your MSP Restaurant Week everyone? Where did you go? What did you have?


I only made it to two places this time around. I started out the week at Citizen Supper Club in the Intercontinental (formerly Crowne Plaza) hotel. Citizen Supper Club offers updated takes on 60s style supper club fare and cocktails.

Oh, the cocktails.

I didn’t snap any pictures of said cocktails, but they were excellent. I really like that the bar program is designed to offer classic cocktails juxtaposed with updated versions of the same cocktails. I had a re-imagined La Paloma that swapped the tequila for mezcal and it was fantastic.

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What could be more retro than a plate of deviled eggs? These particular eggs are “NY Deli Style,” with smoked salmon, cream cheese, and everything bagel crumbs. I would have preferred that the crumbs were just on top of the egg instead of covering the plate, but otherwise this was delightful. Definitely worth ordering if you are a deviled egg person (who isn’t?)


I went with chicken and dumplings for a main. The carrot shavings on top were very crispy, almost as if they’d been fried, and offered a ¬†nice textural contrast to the stew underneath. The chicken was good but could stand to be improved. My drumstick was juicy and savory, but the breast was dry and chewy. I also would have liked a few more dumplings. The four I received were not really enough. Minor criticisms aside, this tasted like chicken pot pie filling, which I can’t complain about. Although, I do kind of wonder about myself ordering such heavy comfort food on a very hot and humid day.


I opted for the Brooklyn Black Out Cake for dessert. It comes with malted milk on the side, and while I see the visual appeal, I didn’t think it did the flavor of the cake any favors. If I am ordered black out cake, I want CHOCOLATE and I do not want it diluted. That said, the cake on its own really hit the spot. I think it could have gone a little deeper in chocolate intensity, but in the moment I really wanted some goddamn chocolate cake and this delivered. Not crazy about the smear of brown underneath the cake on the plate, though. It was sort of dried down, so you couldn’t really eat it, and it isn’t very visually appealing either.

Overall, Citizen Supper Club struck me as above average food with really great cocktails. I would go back to just sit at the bar.

Feeling carnivorous, on Thursday I ventured over to HauteDish.


I started out with “Char Cuts,” which included duck prosciutto, chicken liver mousse, and a slice of country ham terrine. I love charcuterie. This was all expertly done and I probably couldn’t pick a favorite at gun point. The duck prosciutto was smokey and delightful, the terrine was salty and unctuous, the liver mousse was savory and creamy. If I have any complaints, it’s that I didn’t have additional bread or a spoon with which to finish the liver.

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I don’t remember who told me to get the brisket, but bless and keep that person forever. I don’t even care that much for barbecue sauce (KC Masterpiece, according to the menu) but it perfectly accompanied the crispy, fatty, smokey, melty meat. I will say that the slaw was too funky for me, and that the toast is just…there. Too much bread on this dish, not enough on the previous one.

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I finished out my caveman dinner with the much lauded Flavor Country Burger. HauteDish is not messing around on that thing, and they, rightfully, don’t let you mess around on it either. I have seen some people get their dander up that they can’t order this burger cooked to their specifications. To those people I say, “Suck it up.” A restaurant like HauteDish has already built a reputation for kitchen competency if not excellence, so cool your jets and let the chefs show you what’s up for a change.

The Flavor Country Burger is probably one of the top five most enjoyable burgers I have ever eaten. It has been written up plenty of times and Instagrammed even more, so I won’t go too in depth other than to say that the truffle notes surprised me and that I can’t wait to go back and eat it again.


I feel like overall I had a pretty successful Restaurant Week. I can’t wait to see what the next one brings.


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