Spitz Minneapolis

My boyfriend, Drew, and I have started this thing I call date night roulette. We keep a running list of places we want to check out, and we alternate weeks picking where we’re going to go. Whatever we pick is a surprise to the other person.

This system rules for two reasons. One, it eliminates that vultures-from-The-Jungle-Book thing of going back and forth forever trying to decide where to go and what to do. Two, you get either ultimate power or a break from the pressure every other week.

When it is my turn to pick, I do my best to be a benevolent dictator. I do not always drag Drew somewhere that I know is going to please me and puzzle him. Instead, I try to consider the things that Drew loves and I am maybe kind of indifferent about.

I’m talking about Mediterranean food. Drew loves all things gyro and kebab, all things olive and cucumber. I…do not. Being a benevolent date night dictator, however, I drove us up to Northeast this past week for some döner kebabs at Spitz.

Can I just say that “Spitz” is an awful name? I get that it’s supposed to be spit-roasted meat and not spit-on-my-grave, but yuck. It is the only thing that really bothers me about Spitz. Otherwise, the space is really cool and much Instagrammed. Lots of bright colors and banksy-esque graffiti of famous musicians, most notably Prince. There is also a pretty good tap list with almost entirely all local beer. A smart move for something in Northeast, where it seems that 90% of our local breweries reside.

We somehow managed to arrive during happy hour (!), so we cashed in on cheaper beer and a cheap appetizer. Spitz immediately won points with me when we ordered our Street Cart Fries and the bartender asked, “do you want regular fries, sweet potato fries, OR A MIX?”

vsco-photo-2 (1)

I am down with this Mediterranean poutine situation. Drew tried to tell me that it didn’t count as poutine because it didn’t have gravy, but I would argue that any pile of fries with sauce and cheese and whatever else on top is just a poutine variation. Calling it now.

Getting a mix of fries was great because we got to vet both and determine that sweet potato is the way to go. They are perfect-sweet and savory, crisp yet soft.

The topping is basically what you would get in your döner kebab. Garlic aioli, cheese, banana peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. Even if Mediterranean flavors are not necessarily your favorite, you will probably like this. I think it’s the garlic aioli that does it. It sneaks up on you. Suddenly you’re several fistfuls of street fries in and you have horrendous garlic breath, but it doesn’t feel like an affront. It feels like an accomplishment.

vsco-photo-1 (1)

I got the döner kebab with pommes because lately I’ve been doing this thing where my dinner is just my appetizer + stuff. Seriously, this is the street cart fries rolled up with some meat. I knew I would like it because I liked the poutine thing. The kebab meat, which is a mix of lamb and beef, is nicely seasoned and cooked correctly. There are bits that are crispy and bits that are tender, as the spit-roasted meat gods decried.

If beef/lamb is not your thing, you can also get chicken or falafel.

I should also note that I could not finish an entire wrap. These things are Chipotle burrito sized. I think I got 2/3 of the way through before I had to quit. Thankfully I had Drew to pick up the slack.

I did not take a picture of his Mediterranean döner, because it looked pretty much the same as mine, but it had all of the olives and cucumbers a man could want.

Drew, of course, LOVED Spitz. If you or your loved ones are lovers of Mediterranean spit-meat sandwiches, you will probably love it too. As for me, I will definitely go back, but only if I’m in the mood.


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