Porchetteria at Terzo Vino Wine Bar


Porchetteria at Terzo Vine Wine Bar is a walk up window specializing in porchetta sandwiches. They are only open from 11 am to 5 pm daily. The menu is fairly small, but far from disappointing.

Menu at Porchetteria.
Menu at Porchetteria.

I visited Porchetteria on a gray and somewhat rainy day, which in some ways was fortuitous because there was absolutely no wait. My dining partner (read: boyfriend) and I both opted for the Truffle Mushroom sandwich. We rang the bell for service and our order was promptly taken. I think we waited for about five minutes before our sandwiches were ready to go. It was just enough time to decide that the chairs outside were too wet and that we may as well eat in the car.

Truffle Mushroom sandwich.
Truffle Mushroom sandwich.

The first bite revealed that the most forward flavor would not be mushroom or pork, but rather garlic. The garlic-parsley aioli is loud and proud, with the mushrooms and the pork in the background. I did not detect a lot of truffle flavor, just mild, mushroom-y earthiness. The porchetta itself was moist and it’s seasonings were well balanced. Too often porchetta is too heavy on the fennel, but here it played nicely as a background flavor.

The ciabatta bun did a fairly good job of standing up to the juices of the meat and the sloppiness of the aioli, but was somewhat dry on its own.

House made potato chips.
House made potato chips.

The house made potato chips, while nothing to write home about, were thick and crunchy. They made the perfect vehicle for scooping up any fallout from the sandwich.

While I think my companion was more enthusiastic about our lunches than I was, Porchetteria is worth a visit–particularly if you love porchetta and/or garlic.

Have you visited Porchetteria? How do you feel about walk up windows? (Personally, I am for them).


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