Red Cow Saint Paul


Hey! Hello! This is it, this is the food blog that I am going to start writing (hopefully, probably) regularly. So let’s jump in.

Red Cow Restaurant and Bar opened just off of 50th and France in Minneapolis in August of 2012.  It quickly gained a following, the small parking lot often packed and lines out the door. What initially attracted me to Red Cow is what attracts me to many new restaurants in the Cities: a great tap list. As for the food, I was pleased that the extensive burger list included several non-beef options such as lamb, chicken, elk, and of course, veggie. I have visited the original location a handful of times, and all but one of those times I have walked away very pleased.

Therefore I was very pleased to find out that Red Cow was expanding to Saint Paul, and even more pleased to find out it was moving into the old Costello’s space. Now I can grab any number of beer-snob pleasers after I get my haircut across the street as Esthetica!

I was even more pleased when I saw this:


Uh, OF COURSE I called and made a reservation. Granted it took a few attempts, but it was definitely worth it.

Firstly, the space is beautiful. I remember Costello’s feeling very dark and unwelcoming. Red Cow Saint Paul is very open and bright. The space is very modern and clean feeling. Best of all, they have opened up the upstairs to maximize their dining space, and I could see how they could use that additional space for special events.

The food menu at Red Cow Saint Paul is identical to its Minneapolis counterpart. I opted for the AM Chimichanga (pictured above): Tinga chicken, refried beans, scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes, red & green chiles and cheddar cheese in a crispy flour tortilla.  Topped w/sour cream, with salsa rojo & verde on the side.

Perhaps I am foolish and don’t have a strong concept of what makes up a chimichanga, but I was not expecting what essentially ended up being a deep fried burrito. That does not mean I was disappointed. While this was somewhat difficult to eat, the AM Chimichanga was still a tasty southwest-inspired breakfast dish. The chicken was juicy and flavorful, and the beans, potatoes, and chiles all melded together and were not really distinguishable, but were certainly good. I was particularly fond of the salsa verde, which had a nice balance of cilantro, onion, and mild chiles, while still having a bit of a kick. The eggs were perhaps the only miss, being slightly chewy, but that could be due to their cooling as I tried to tackle eating the burrito-esque mass.

I felt that the new Red Cow location’s food holds up to the food at their original location. The service was snappy and servers enthusiastic and kind. Even if this breakfast hadn’t been free, I would still recommend Red Cow Saint Paul, especially if you don’t want to trek to Minneapolis for your Elk Wellington fix.

Have you been to Red Cow (either location)? What are your thoughts? Where is your favorite Twin Cities burger place?




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